Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, November 14, 2015


After lots of phone calls, emails and messages from friends and relatives, we were able to connect with our son after the attacks in Paris. He was shaken. He is in Luxembourg for a weekend of concerts but had worked the concert venue in Paris many times. The band on stage during the attack, The Eagles of Death Metal, was primarily made up of veterans from Palm Desert, California. The Deftones were due to perform Saturday night and were actually backstage watching the concert, then left minutes before the attack. They are friends and he was happy they were safe. William also commented that had it happened while his group was performing, he would have been in a terrible spot.

A bit too close for comfort.

They only have three more concerts after this weekend before they fly home. Home. Never sounded so good. I wonder if this will change what he does for a living. For ten years, he has loved to travel and eat the local food in countries on five continents as a perk of his job as the head live sound engineer for major groups.

It's a dangerous world right now. I will be holding my breath until he gets on a plane on the 17th.

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