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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday Plan to Stay Well

Holidays are around the corner. A very busy time to spend time with relatives, hold new babies, attend parties with friends and co-workers and shop amongst the crowds of shoppers.

It is also a very scary time for those of us with no immune system because of prednisone. There is a nasty cold going around here and I can feel that the flu is just sneaking up behind it!

So, what do we do? What's the plan?

  • Shop for the holidays on Monday mornings or late evenings when there are no crowds.
  • Use hand cleaners climbing into the car. Every time.
  • Wash hands when arriving home from anywhere.
  • When hearing a cough, change directions and get out of the area.
  • Babies are full of germs. The worst illness I had three years ago was caused by holding a baby. Masks are good and washing hands afterwards is important.
  • Sick relatives show up at holiday celebrations. My family knows that if anyone is ill, I will not attend.
  • Attend work parties but keep it limited. If it is a buffet, eat after the party. People use the utensils and sneeze or cough or even breathe on the food. 
  • Avoid crowds of people. No movies, no concerts, no plays.
The goal is to stay well into the new year. 

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