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Monday, November 23, 2015

Road Trip

We put the top down on the Porsche and drove the ridge overlooking the ocean to the West and the entire Bay Area to the East. It was cool but we were cozy warm. No one was on the road as it was so early. At one point, we were supposed to make a turn onto a smaller road to take us to a sweet little town for a nice cup of coffee. That was the plan. Well, Michael insisted that it was the wrong road and kept going straight. It was uncharted territory for us and out in the middle of nowhere. Even the iPhone didn't work.

We kept driving and driving. Then, we realized that we were on an adventure and had all the time in the world. A change of plans and a full tank of gas. Suddenly, a very little sign appeared, we turned left and that led us down the side of the mountain on a ONE LANE road. Thankfully, we were in a small car and rarely met others. We finally passed civilization markers like a couple of huge houses and, further down the road, a school. We missed our little town for coffee and the next larger city by a long shot. We were west of them on a road to Santa Cruz. Not the plan but...okay. Here we go.

The iPhone came alive and I searched for a great lunch place and found one! Near the harbor! We arrived and stood in line for almost an hour. Here is where I should mention that we were the oldest people there. It is a college town. I had a ball watching all the fashion and the pretty young women and the young families having a late breakfast or lunch together. Everything was made onsite. Michael had Eggs Benedict with bacon and avocado on a house made croissant. I had a very healthful, filled with vegetables, bowl of chili. Perfect.

We climbed back into the car for the long drive back up the coast. It was beautiful, crispy cool but sunny. I met Natalie to look at another house in our area. Nope. Awful.

It was a nice Sunday. We had an adventure, we were out in nature, we were hanging with young people, we had a great lunch and we spent the day together. Just about perfect!

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