Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spotlight, Please

It was like going home. As members on the Patient Advisory Board, we spoke with the staff at the pulmonary clinic at my university hospital. The room was filled with dear friends I have been working with through the years. It is the finest clinic of the thirteen I have visited. Organized. Efficient. Friendly.

There is nothing like being greeted by name and not asked to show ID. After I got out of the hospital with pneumonia a couple of years ago, I checked in for a visit with Dr. K. "I've been in the hospital," I shared with the staff. Each and every one of them said, "I know!" They knew. Amazing. And, when I returned two week later, each and every one of them said, "You look so much better!"

They wanted our input on a few issues from the perspective of a patient. It was a conversation.

Michael said afterwards that it was the best of all of our presentations. He is beginning to feel more comfortable speaking in front of an audience and it was not on a big stage but in a classroom.

It was a very satisfying experience.

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