Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fighting Back

We dealt with a marvelous Comcast tech who solved all of mom's problems. He came early so I missed the rehab class but was still able to have a nice visit with Sherman and Professor Richard. By the time I got home around 3PM, Michael had done another load of laundry and was beginning to think about dinner. When he began, I left him alone. I didn't want to micro-manage him. He made a delicious crustless quiche with some ham and cheese and Egg Beaters and cottage cheese.

I think it was even more tasty because I didn't make it! It was so nice to be served a homemade dinner.

It is another early morning for me, mom has a doctor appointment at 9:15 then we have to deal with a billing problem at another campus. We'll have a nice lunch somewhere then I have my meeting with the counselor this afternoon. She had suggested a book and I was able to find it yesterday. So very interesting. So much to learn.

I am looking forward to this weekend. We have NOTHING on the agenda. I will cut the grass, read my new book and take a few naps. We may even go for a ride down the coast. I need some downtime.

The stubborn cough is still present on occasion but the sneezing has stopped and I feel like the cold has been halted. The cocktail of a few days of Aprodine followed by a run of ColdCalm always seems to help. Maybe I have fought it back. I hope.

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