Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, November 16, 2015


Fireplaces. Wood or chemically-laced fake wood or pellet burning fireplaces are my nemesis. The neighbors next door are lighting theirs beginning yesterday and at 3AM this morning. I woke up immediately with our bedroom smelling of chemicals. Michael went up into the attic and said it is even smellier up there.

Traditions. I am big on traditions like cozy fireplaces during the cold holidays. My lungs just can't take it anymore. There is a bill making its way through the California Legislature demanding the end of wood-burning fireplaces. Gas only. Fake wood. No smell.

Yes, please. Can't breathe.

If you have a relative dealing with a lung disease, please show some empathy and not burn such things in your fireplace.

I am taking my oxygen and heading out early to the other rehab. It will feel so good to workout and try to get my thighs back. They are beginning to look funny. Mom and I are going shopping. She is itchy to buy some new clothes and I will be the assistant. Tomorrow, we are leaving to visit my dad and to have lunch with her girlfriends in the Valley. It is a long drive to and from but so worth it for me when I see her with the girls. Dear friends. I think she really misses them.

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