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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not Slowing Down

We had a great time with British Don last night and I was in bed by 9PM. Michael and I had spent the day running errands and buying food for the week. Lots of driving and hauling heavy bags into the house. Thank you, Michael.

Mom phoned last night. Comcast had increased her bill, she contacted them and they talked her into adding her phone to "bundle" her account. I set it all up on Monday, except the living room phone did not work and we had a hard time getting her WiFi hooked up. She, apparently, had been on the phone with Comcast for two days trying to get everything up and running. Now, she is unable to make any phone calls. She is 87-years old! She needs to be able to reach 911! Get this: They told her that the living room phone would need to be a separate phone number and it would cost her as a second account.

The guy is due to set things up for her today from 2-4. I will be waiting.

Maybe, idiot, run a phone cord from the living room to the modem in the bedroom. No second number. No extra cost. He will not be leaving without having everything working - both TVs, both phones, the computer and the Wifi.

Michael, in the meantime, will be making a crustless quiche for dinner. By the time I get home in the rush hour traffic, it will be hot and ready. How great is that?

But, before I see her, I will go to the rehab class and sweat and talk and feel better afterwards.

Another full, active day ahead. I will make sure to appreciate every moment.

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