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Monday, November 30, 2015

Shopping Begins!

Cyber Monday! Let the buying begin! At dawn, I bought a book and fun computer light for mom and two CDs and a grill pan for us as presents from mom. She gives all of us money each year, we buy what we want then open it all up on Christmas with cries of, "It's perfect! Exactly what I wanted!" She is able to see what she has given to all of us. Saves her a lot of shopping!

She and I are together all day today. We are planning a nice lunch together at Nordstrom and I may just have to do some Christmas shopping on my way up the escalator to the cafe.

Michael and I got a lot done yesterday: replaced the outdoor light bulbs that had burned out, cleaned three rugs, cleaned the guest room, washed the windows inside and outside, washed our pillows and sheets then ironed. The only thing we need to do is buy new grout for our bathroom shower, which Michael is going to do today. Oh, and I need for him to dig out a dead azalea in the back yard and replace it with a new beautiful one I got as a birthday present from my friend Christien. And, he needs to cut a Fortnight Lily in half, plant one half near the mailbox and the other in the huge planter box along the side of the garage. I just realized that Michael's work is never going to be done! There will always be something!

Enjoy your Cyber Monday!

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