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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Acid Reflux

Tomorrow's meeting with Dr. K. is going to be interesting. I am going to have to break it to her that I am dealing with acid reflux and I want to explain the horrible PFT numbers on the latest test. The numbers are wrong. The acid reflux? Another thought came to mind last evening.

I was on the phone with Michael's sister Anna who has a hernia. She found out that her horrible "heartburn" was being caused by this hernia. A light bulb went off over my head. Something happened during my Nissen Fundoplication surgery, which resulted in a hernia right below my rib cage. In the last CT Scan, it was noted that it was a medium hernia for the first time. It had always been considered small. Something had changed. I suddenly have been dealing with acid reflux. Maybe the two are related.

We had an Irish Fiddling rehearsal last night, which went by too quickly. It felt good to play.

Today, I have rehab class and looking forward to a good workout.

We continue the march forward to Christien's visit. Food shopping list tonight. Massive gardening after the orthopedic appointment on Thursday. I am so looking forward to her visit.

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