Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Three Messages

After getting home from mom's two doctor appointments, I had three messages on our home answering machine:

1. The Medicare advisor with the news that Michael has been approved by the Medicare gap coverage and Part D prescription program. The cards should arrive next week. Great!

2. My new primary doctor phoned and asked me to return the call. My uric acid blood test for gout came back as normal. They still want me to see a rheumatologist and they recommended a local one. Well, I told them that it would have to be at my university hospital as they would need to sign off my on lung transplants. They will write orders and I will phone next week to see if I can arrange an appointment. Worrisome.

3. The scheduler for the acid reflux test phoned. I have been waiting for her call and had asked that they phone my cell phone. She left a message in the morning while I was with mom at her eye doctor appointment so I returned her call. She told me that she had "given away" all the available appointments and that if any are cancellations, she would phone me. Oh, and she will be phoning me later to set up an appointment sometime in SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER! I will be dead by then. Frustrating.

So, I wrote an email to Dr. K., asking if this time line was okay with her. She is out of the office until July 5 but after she learns the news, I'll bet an appointment suddenly opens up. We will see.

This morning, I need to make a huge CVS run and a small Safeway run while the housekeepers are working hard. Friday morning, mom and I are going to the butcher and Trader Joe's before our 11:30 toe nail appointment here in town. It has been one busy week.

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