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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lots on My Plate

Mom and I ran errands that didn't involve a lot of walking and we had fun chatting all day. It was the only day this week that we would be together. On Friday, Michael and I are attending a funeral of our friend John, whose wife passed away from cancer just two years ago to the day of his death, also from cancer. They were born and raised local kids, mom and dad owned a fish shack at the pier and he and his brother grew up fishing with their dad for the restaurant.

Fast forward and the now plumber brothers bought a fishing boat, then another, then more and began their foray into the dangerous fishing environment off Alaska. They owned this very successful business together for over 50 years. The business and the boats were sold about five years ago and the brothers retired.

John and his wife went through school together and he was devastated after she passed away. It had been rough, emotionally. He knew there was something wrong long before he sought medical care but he focused on his wife instead by fighting to keep her alive as long as possible. After she died, he couldn't ignore it anymore. By that time, his cancer had spread. It will be a sad funeral for the community and their two adult children but they will be together again.

REHAB: I am bringing the written report about my fractured knee with me to rehab and I know the RNs will be shocked. It was not what any of us expected.

FIDDLING: Crawling home from rehab, I am going to make a gyro burger and serve it with a side Greek Salad before playing with the Irish Fiddling group at the brewery this evening.

MEDICARE: But, there is no rest tomorrow morning as a representative is coming to our house to talk about the different options for Michael's Medicare and Supplemental/Medication.

FAMILY TRUST: After we choose Michael's Medicare plan, we will take care of the final paperwork for my Medicare Set-Aside money to be included into our new trust. If I am in a coma and Michael is getting bills from my university hospital, he will need to be able to access this money. We will try to have the local bank branch do it but they are horrible. Really horrible. I actually opened the account at one of their branches over the pass. If they give us problem tomorrow, we will head over the pass to the other branch.

A busy few days ahead.

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