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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Visit

Christine is coming today! But, it almost didn't happen! Driving home from my mom's yesterday, she phoned from the niece's graduation ceremony. Her brother had glanced down at his phone, noticed a message from their mom's doctor and phoned to discovered that their mom had just died of a stroke.

There they were, the other side of the country feeling helpless. She had been ill for years, had her husband overseeing her care at home and Christien had been very active in her care. Even though they were expecting this news, when if finally came, it was a shock. I suggested that she fly to her mother's home and forget about us. She and her brother were going to talk and make some decisions.

In a later phone call, she told me that they decided to continue with all plans and have the services for their mom next weekend. She is coming for her visit this afternoon.

Let the cooking begin! It should take a few hours to complete the two breakfast recipes, the gratin and pie. With any leftover time, I want to get out in the garden to blow away anything after the wild winds yesterday and wipe down the front doors.

Michael and I are meeting early this afternoon to buy some clothes for him and will wait for her airplane together.

I am so looking forward to visiting with her in person instead of phones and computers between us.

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