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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gout Feedback

What I am beginning to learn is that everyone has gout! It has been so surprising the reaction I have received from my new diagnosis. It is an underground disease. What I began to realize, when I remembered enjoying meals with people who were now sharing their gout stories with me, was that they were still eating beef and pork and lamb. They told me that the medication helped to keep the flares at bay so their diets were not too different from their pre-diagnosis status.

So, I am feeling less frantic at the thought of needing to reduce my very limited diet with even more restrictions. Maybe I can still eat meat every other week? That will be one of the questions I will have when I meet with my new primary doctor and with my nutritionist after I am formally diagnosed after the blood test.

Uric acid blood test.

So, I was thinking that maybe I had it checked during the first Lung Transplant Clinic blood draw last November. Checking into my file online, I found that they actually did check my uric acid and it tested right in the middle of normal. Odd.

If the blood test on Tuesday is normal, will this still be considered gout?

In other news, I did attack the house, washed and ironed two sets of sheets, made Paleo Scotch Eggs for breakfasts, made a food shopping list then took the electric hedge trimmers and attacked the front yard. Fortunately, Michael did the cleanup from my attack on the gardens. He also is going over the pass this morning and will do the grocery shopping all by himself.

He has come a long way from when he first retired, we went to Safeway and he walked around like a person from the backwoods looking at the skyscrapers of New York City. He now knows his way around the stores. Growth!

After the groceries are put away, we will be staying home, enjoying sunshine in the garden and relaxing. A perfect Sunday.

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