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Friday, June 16, 2017

Knee Doctor

Drum roll, please! The doctor took a look at a new X-ray of my fractured knee and declared that I am healing well. No surgery. No problems. It will take another 5-6 weeks before it is completely knitted together.

Deep sigh of relief. We almost danced out of the office.

We celebrated by doing massive grocery shopping and there is now more food in the house than usual. Tomorrow morning, I will be making Eggs a Different Way and a Crustless Quiche for breakfasts while Christien is here. For Father's Day special lunch/dinner, I will also be baking a Pancetta and Porcini Mushroom Potato Gratin and a Strawberry Pie with an Oatmeal Crust tomorrow morning. After baking, I will be heading over the hill around 2PM as the traffic will be horrible. The weather will be the hottest so far this summer and everyone is planning to spend the weekend at the beach. Our beach! So, I'll go shopping and maybe visit mom before meeting Michael to wait for Christien flight together.

When we got home from shopping yesterday, I went into the gardens. It felt marvelous to do the minor hand trimming that makes such a difference. The gardens aren't up to the normal standards but they look pretty good. After watering a few plants, I used my favorite Windex Window Cleaning wand and washed all the windows.

Today, mom and I are hanging out. Since she doesn't have any doctor's appointments, maybe we will do a Costco run. Maybe a Nordstrom run. Maybe a nice lunch somewhere. It will be good to see her.

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