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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Loose Ends Tied Up

It all came together yesterday. We met the Medicare Advisor and signed Michael up for that, gap coverage and Part D. She was delightful and very experienced. Since I have been on Medicare since 2007, we didn't need to explained everything to us. We knew the drill. It made it so much easier for her. While she was here, my phone announced a call from my university hospital. I now have an appointment next Thursday to see the doctor regarding my fractured knee.

We flew out the door after the Medicare Advisor left, drove a mile away and had a fantastic lunch at our favorite place where we split everything. Michael discovered their amazing chocolate chip cookies, which are cooked so the bottoms are caramelized. OMG! This could be a problem! He has recently lost some weight so he was feeling like he could try one. Big mistake! (He wants to lose 10 pounds.)

After lunch, we met with the head of the bank where I keep my Medicare Set-Aside account to have it put into our new trust. It took some time but she made it easy and we had a great chat. From there, we drove home where I promptly fell asleep!

The only thing we didn't do yesterday was to check out the new doctor's office. I am going to visit them this morning before heading over the pass to the rehab class.

We clearly are GS Warrior fans and I thought the game last night was going to kill me! The final minutes were torture! Hopefully, I will survive the playoffs!

Last night, I fell asleep feeling that the day brought a culmination on many fronts:

  • Michael signed up for Medicare, Supplemental Gap insurance and Medication Part D
  • I have an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor regarding my fractured knee
  • We finished all the paperwork for our new trust
  • The Warriors won

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