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Saturday, June 3, 2017

What a Surprise

Dear Reader, you are not going to believe what happened Thursday. We went to the orthopedic clinic, had a series of X-rays of my knee then met with the marvelous Brenda, who I had seen when I tore my tendons in my hip years ago.

She pulled up the new X-ray along side the X-ray taken the day of the bowling injury six weeks ago. The machine at the clinic was so much more sophisticated than the one in the ER, which looked fuzzy next to the new one. She suddenly got very professional and said, "Oh my. This is a fracture. A large fracture." It made sense why I couldn't put weight on it for almost six days. It made sense why I hurt after walking on it during all the testing for the Lung Transplant Clinic three weeks ago. A FRACTURE!

A doctor will be contacting me and will want to follow my progress. I might need surgery if it shifts out of position. She said to stay off of it for another six weeks, except for rehab. She said the bicycle should really be good for it.

Poor Michael! He will have to wait on me for a bit longer.

Six more weeks. Seems like forever.

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