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Friday, June 9, 2017

Not Sleeping

I am having sleeping issues. Exhausted, I fall into bed last night and almost passed out yet a few hours later, I was wide awake. I was so tired from very little sleep the night before but I went to bed right on time. Suddenly, three hours later, I was awake.

Tossing and turning and flipping channels, I gave up trying to stay in bed and got up two hours later. Out on the couch, I was awake another hour before drifting off to sleep. In total, I slept about six hours.

I'm exhausted.

Nothing has changed. Nothing is different. No routines have been adjusted. No late dinners. No acid reflux. No coughing. I just don't get it.

Today, we are facing the funeral, the reception and a quick trip into the city to see British Don. A full day. I will be exhausted again tonight.

We learned that another one of our classmates in the pulmonary rehab class died last weekend. It was unexpected and very sad. She was extremely kind and had a marvelous laugh. We were close in age and had sons that were born the same year. Such a shock.

I had no pain in my knee after working out on the bike. It felt so great that I even added a couple of minutes. Good news.

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