Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Full Day

It is going to be a non-stop day. It began with the sad announcement of the death of one of the members of our board at my university hospital. He and his spouse were such an asset to the group and Michael and I had become very close to them. It was so hard to receive the news of his passing this morning.

As I gear up to leave to the clinic for my appointment with Dr. K, I will make tonight's dinner first thing this morning as I won't get home until later and will be exhausted. While it is cooking, I will pull the house together for the housekeepers tomorrow, complete the food shopping list for Christine's visit and take a shower.

I have my list of what I want to talk about with Dr. K. The recent acid reflux possible causes and the latest PFTs are high on the list.

As I made the bed this morning, I thought about the entire day ahead and how it will all be behind me when I climb into bed this evening. Extra coffee for me this morning!

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