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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stepping Out

It started with the good intentions to fertilizing and water the pots. My adventure into the gardens for the first time in well over a month took an unexpected turn. The fertilizer was sprinkled on the plants and I watered it in everywhere until I headed to the very back "hidden garden." The walkway was totally blocked by the huge hydrangeas. Then, I noticed that everything needed major trimming. I have not been able to see this area from my bedroom and bathroom windows so I had no idea they were so overgrown.

I rolled the recycling bin into the back, grabbed my trimming shears and a pair of gloves. For the next two hours, I filled the bin to the brim with massive trimmings from the four hydrangeas, two huge camellias, one other plant near the camellias then I began on the central garden area just outside our bedroom window. The Meyers Lemon bush was trimmed along with four lilies and two other plants. Suddenly, I heard a noise and Michael was watching me!

He smiled and said, "Why don't you let me finish this and go into the house." I didn't understand until later when I saw myself, wet with sweat with twigs and dead leaves in my hair. I must have been a sight! He grabbed a rake and did the final cleaning up and watering. What a guy!

I do have to say it felt fantastic to move my body and to forget my knee for a couple of hours. I didn't put myself in any dangerous situations like on a ladder or actually climbing into the dirt. The weather should be mild during the weekend so I am planning to spend some time doing a bit more trimming.

This morning is the day for the knee to be examined at my university hospital's orthopedic clinic. It seems so much better these past few days and the fluid level has decreased. We are both excited to sign all the paperwork at the bank to put those accounts into the new trust then to meet with the new investment group to transfer our investments as part of our new trust, as well. What a day!

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