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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No Have-To's Today

Glorious! Nothing is scheduled on my calendar today! We slept in a bit this morning, the sun looks like it might show itself for the first time in many days and I am thinking of the things I want to do today. The housekeepers are due tomorrow while we are at my knee appointment in the city so I need to pick up the house for them. After that, I am going to take myself very carefully out to the gardens to water the pots and fertilize the rhododendrons and camellias. I may pull a weed or two, just don't tell Michael. He doesn't want me to injury myself again while working outside.

There was no knee pain after the rehab class yesterday, so that was the good news of the day. I did go to the Irish Fiddling rehearsal in anticipation of our Friday night gig. There is going to be a bit of drama as the singer is on a Science Week trip with his classroom kids and Leslie is going to be a bit late from a field trip with her daughter. The bottom line is that the beginning of the gig may feature two violinists and me, until the other guitarist and Leslie can slide into their seats.

My focus is on tomorrow. We will leave at 8:45 for a long drive to the far campus of my university hospital. After the appointment, which will include an MRI, we will have a bit of lunch, swing by our local bank to transfer all the accounts to the new trust (we both need to sign the papers) then we have a 3PM appointment with the investment group in town to sign the papers to transfer all our Morgan Stanley investments to them.

By the end of the day, I will feel that we have everything in place for the first time ever. All the medical documents, legal and financial issues I have been dreading and postponing will be addressed and completed. A deep sigh of relief.

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