Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, May 4, 2017


It was classic! I knew Michael was moments away after being gone since Tuesday morning and had no idea I was able to walk without the walker. I was standing in the living room as he came through the front door.

He looked tired as I walked towards him, he leaned down to kiss and hug me before it dawned on him that I was actually walking. "You're walking!" Big smile! Another big hug and kiss. He stood and watch while I demonstrated my rather ugly limp but further proof that I was now able to move around without the walker.

Relief showed all over his face. I think he was worried that it was going to take even longer.

We talked the rest of the evening, he had a great time with Jim, unwrapped his new lake boat and put the decals on to make it legal. They then took it out for a ride of the lake. It was a 40' pontoon boat but Michael referred to it as paradise.

This morning, the housekeepers are due so we are off to the bank, UPS Store, Safeway and Trader Joe's. I am going take a cane with us as I found it stops my limp and it will give some support when I am trying to do so much today.

I even will be trying stairs for the first time since coming home from the fall over a week ago. If I can do the stairs alone, I will have my freedom.

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