Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, May 22, 2017


Recovering from the wedding, I hope to have a quiet-ish day today. Mom is having her monthly shot in her eye and I need to pay my AT&T bill! The problem is that my knee and side near my kidney is so sore I can barely walk. It is time to go back to the doctor to get a referral to the big doctors at my university hospital. My knee should not be this painful after almost a month. I can take a lot of pain but I have had enough.

I so miss working in my gardens. I so miss running into town to grab something. I so miss walking down the hallway without being aware of pain. I so miss working out everyday.

We are updating our wills, power of attorney and  health care directive along with putting everything into a trust. It is all ready for our signature this week. One big goal will be completed.

We have completed the paperwork and confirmed a meeting with an advisor to lay out the options for Michael as he joins Medicare in a couple of months. He is so healthy, he has options I just didn't have when I joined Medicare in 2007. We have lots of questions.

We have also completed the paperwork to be official volunteers at my university hospital. We will wear the badges whenever we are on campus and it will make it easier for us to quickly get through many of the security areas on some of the campuses. We are volunteers as member of the Ambulatory Patient Advisory Board.

I clearly go a lot of paperwork done yesterday!

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