Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, May 26, 2017


The good news: My prednisone-caused glaucoma has responded well to the laser surgery and three different eye drops everyday for pressure readings of 14 and 16. That is very low for me and it made my cool eye doctor very happy. We were able to talk music for a bit, too!

The bad news: I pushed my knee too hard on the bike during rehab yesterday. I hobbled out of there, drove home then tripped on the one stair from the garage to the house and twisted it again. After icing it down, it was better but I was definitely in pain.

This morning, mom wanted to do some shopping but I don't think I can walk for any distance today. There is a bag of ice on my knee right now so, after an Aleve, I hope the pain decreases.

Saturday afternoon, I am looking forward to a visit from a college bound local kid. He is a friend's son of my friend who plays viola in our little orchestra. This young man is also a musician and is going to college to learn Sound/Production. He wanted to talk with William but he is on the road. I told him I can offer information that he might find helpful plus I would be happy to show him William's first gold record hanging in our hallways along with framed interviews and VIP passes from all the shows we attended.

Several of our relatives and friend's sons have asked my advice on how to get into the music sound industry. My first question was to ask what instrument they played. William told me that all good sound engineers are frustrated musicians. Good ear training. Sadly, most "like to listen music" and want the "fun" of hanging out. When I explained what the actual work was all about, they usually decided it was not for them. This young man I am meeting with tomorrow has a really good shot at a successful career as he will have the education and contacts through former students from his college who currently work in the industry. A foot in the door. I really want to give him a feel for what to expect as a working sound engineer, either in a live concert setting or production work in a studio. The former teacher in me is itching to come out. I hope what I offer to him is helpful.

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