Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fun Day

Mom, Michael and I had so much fun on our adventure to visit both dad and an Indian casino yesterday. The drive was three hours each way but I had my compression hose on my legs and kept my left leg up on the back seat. The traffic was delightful, no problems the entire day. We first went to visit dad where we found someone had stolen his flowers again. Mom always has nice silk flowers for his crypt, which she replaces twice a year. Almost every time we visit, the flowers are gone. It makes her so mad. She and Michael took a long walk to clean her brother's plaque so she felt her work was completed.

I have been so housebound that just being out in the car was exciting. The drive from the cemetery to the casino was about an hour of beautiful scenery and tiny towns in the Sierra foothills. We even drove through the very historic Sutter's Mill in Gold Country. The casino was empty, we played but didn't win much. After lunch, our luck improved and we left just a bit of money there.

My knee held out all day and, in fact, the pain lessened the more I walked. This morning, there is a lot of fluid covering the entire knee but I have a 10:00 appointment to have it drained. It is amazing how it improves day to day. Very heartening.

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