Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, May 1, 2017


A bit nervous about heading into the world for the first time since the bowling injury last Wednesday. Mom needs me. I must go. Michael will be on alert in case I need him. The good news is that when I stepped out of bed this morning, I took four step with the walker's help and felt no pain. It kicked in after that but it is definitely better than yesterday.

Orchestra rehearsal this Wednesday? Probably not. Hopefully, I will be able to play the concert next week. Maybe not. Irish Fiddling gig on Friday not? Nope.

Lots of feelings of guilt for missing all of the above! I like to do what I promise.

I prepared dinner last night, even though it was just a simple shrimp salad with hard-boiled eggs. It was great to work in the kitchen but I needed Michael to carry the food and help put things away. I just want to move my body! Today, I will be moving it!

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