Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Packed Day

So much happened yesterday!

Mammogram: Jeannie and I resumed our car pool to the rehab class. It felt like the band was back together, to quote the Blues Brothers. We arrived early enough to check into the Women's clinic for our mammogram appointments. A team. Together. She usually has so much pain and was very nervous about it but had a fantastic technician who made it painfree. She was thrill to have it over! I, on the other hand, had a lovely woman, we made it through with no problems then we began a chat. The poor woman opened up about her struggle with an autoimmune disease, the retirement of her doctor of many years and the difficulty she was having finding another doctor who didn't tell her she that it was all in her head. I had the same experience before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. I then told her about the latest trend in health management - do as little as possible. She absolutely agreed that she was dealing with that attitude as well. She got teary. We hugged.

Pulmonary Rehab: My friend Gateson arrived to the class, approached me and said, "I am going to present a plan to our hospital for them to sponsor a bowling league and you should be the coach." It went downhill from there and I was laughing so hard, I started to cough! I missed everyone. My knee was not able to handle the treadmill but it felt like it was being oiled when I worked out on the bike. Fantastic. So, I had a pretty good workout.

Home: Michael was home when I arrived after dropping Jeannie off. While checking my emails, I must have been sitting funny because I went to stand up and the muscles around the right side of my hip HURT. I could hardly walk. It is worse this morning. I so wanted not to limp at the wedding this weekend. More Aleve this morning may tap it down but I am really concerned about getting around.

Irish Fiddling: The band was really back together after more than a month! We played at a local award winning brewery while I was able to glance clear across the room to see the Warriors beat the Spurs then the Giants lead the Dodgers. We sounded great, there was quite a crowd for a Tuesday night and Michael stayed the entire time. His best friend Wayne and his son Ian met him there to watch our group for the first time. They had no idea how good and tight the group really is. Entertaining. Not just presenting song after song. We even had a woman get up and dance an amazing Irish jig! It was so much fun and my new string bass stool was wonderful. I wasn't exhausted after almost 2.5 hours of playing.

Acid Reflux: But, around 2AM, I started to cough and I felt a bit of acid reflux so I headed to the living room. I just read that the over-the-counter acid reducer I am currently taking can cause kidney failure. Yikes! I am going to just take it as long as the label suggests then I will have my appointment with Dr. K. to talk about my options.

Today? Not much on the schedule except my hair appointment, I need some gas in my car and my eyebrows need waxing. Tomorrow is going to be crazy.

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