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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jig Gig

I am ramping up to my niece's wedding on Saturday. It is going to be in the 90s in the Sierra foothills so I will need to bring oxygen with me. But, I need to get through tonight first! The Irish Fiddling gig at the brewery will be fun and the first time I will play with them in weeks! I missed four gigs because of my knee.

My mammogram appointment this morning is before the rehab class but I don't expect to do much in the class. My knee is still sore, I am limping but it is so much better and seems to improve each day. The goal is no limping at the wedding!

I am a bit worried about getting sick. Too many late nights and not enough recovery time. The over-the-counter drug for acid reflux seems to be working. I am worried that mom might have exposed me to a cold but I have been on Coldcalm all day yesterday and will continue with it today. That usually takes care of it. Knock wood!

Being proactive, I got home from mom's yesterday and made an amazing Frittata Lorraine for our breakfasts this week and an Eggplant Casserole dinner. Both passed the Michael test. It alway feels great to have the food ready and waiting in the refrigerator.

Busy day ahead. I should sleep well tonight!

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