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Monday, May 15, 2017

Lovely Mother's Day

Mom looked fantastic yesterday. I just can't believe she is going to be 89-years old in August. She was wearing a burnt orange gypsy kind of top over her new slim leg dress black slacks. Young, current and elegant all at one time. We had a lovely lunch overlooking the San Francisco Bay with the airport runways in the distance. We watched plane after plane land while other waiting to take off. Such a beautiful day.

I limped while we food shopped before heading home. Mom phoned later to give me the bad news: she thinks she was getting a cold. YIKES! I took my Aprodine last night and will begin Coldcalm today. We have a phone meeting with her investment people at 9:30 this morning so I will wear my oxygen and a mask when I am with her today.

My William phoned while we were parking at Trader Joe's so we both were able to enjoy a nice chat with him. He loves the new group and they begin their European tour next week.

When Michael and I got home, we fertilized the rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas and watered everything, including the pots. It was my first time in the gardens in a long time and my plants were calling to me. Hopefully, within two weeks I can start to work with them again. So much trimming is needed! Haircuts for plants!

It is back in the saddle for me tomorrow. I am returning to the pulmonary rehab class and will have a mammogram beforehand.  That evening, the Irish Fiddling group will be playing at the local brewery. On a Tuesday night, it will not be as wild or loud as our Friday night gigs so I will really enjoy the venue.

It's Monday. Here we go! Enjoy the week.

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