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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Wedding

It was a very touching, lovely wedding. Both the bride and the groom had been married before with all the pomp and circumstances of first weddings. After lots of painful lessons, they found each other and knew that the other was their mate for life. It showed in everything they said and did yesterday. It was about being married and moving forward with their lives. It was not about a big, fancy wedding. It was simple wedding, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, the farm theme included wild flowers and they were a very relaxed bride and groom.

The rental of the car and the three-hour drive to the ceremony in beautiful gardens was uneventful. Thankfully! For some reason, my knee was very painful all day and I could barely walk. We watched as the temperature reached levels unseen on the coastside - 86, 90, 93, 96 degrees. It was hot but I didn't need the supplemental oxygen I brought along. 

There was a rare sighting of my mom in a skirt! She looked cool and fantastic! My dress worked out just fine and I didn't need the little sweater over it at anytime time through the evening! Here is a headless photo of me in my dress! Note the lovely black knee brace!

We all awaited the bride's entrance under a gazebo with lots of fans and blinking romantic lights. The DJ was playing music that my mom loved, mostly Big Band music featuring all the greats. Then suddenly the groom arrived.

 Shelley asked her parent's to walk her down the aisle in her gorgeous lace gown with a long train. Mom and Russ' dad signed all the documents as witnesses. Mom was very touched to be asked to do this task.

 During the ceremony, the officiant read about how Shelley and my mom had a heart to heart conversation about love after her divorce. "Don't you want a marriage like I had with Richard?" Shelley's reply was that their type of close, everlasting love no longer existed out in the world. And, as the officiant read, she wanted to tell my mom that she was wrong. It still does exist and she had found it with Russ.

Mom was crying. She loved that Shelley and Russ brought her beloved Richard into their ceremony. I even got teary!

After a few more words and a kiss to seal the deal, they were married!

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