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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hanging with Friends

I have been housebound with this stupid knee injury for so long that I appreciated and totally enjoyed our holiday afternoon dinner with Wayne and Jill. Her parents and son Ian joined us at their table ladened with delicious food: marinated pork loin, homemade potato salad, my cherry tomato salad and strawberries for dessert. It was fun to listen to the banter and interesting conversation around the table. I realized I had been away from the mainstream of life for sometime and missed it!

As with hearing a weird sound coming from your car but it stops and can't be recreated once you get to the mechanics, my knee is suddenly better in anticipation of my appointment on Thursday! It is less swollen and there seems to be less fluid. By the time I arrive to the appointment, it will probably look normal!

This morning, the first order of business is to place all of our bank accounts into our new family trust. After one of the best nights of sleep in a long time, I am ready to deal with it and to workout at the rehab class.

Tonight, my Irish Fiddling group has a rehearsal and our next gig is Friday night at the local organic market. Our singer is going to be out of town so it is going to be purely instrumental fiddle music. And, me on bass!

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