Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, May 8, 2017

Casino Day

In minutes, we are off for our adventure today. Mom is waiting and I will bet that she was too excited to sleep much last night. She LOVES to go to casinos and today is going to be a rare event.

I will be a vision of loveliness because I am bringing the walker and my Helios oxygen backpack, gloves and a mask to play in the casino. But first, I am in full rush mode to get dressed and fed this morning.

My knee is still so very sore, I have an appointment on Tuesday morning to have the fluid drained and the muscle pain in the side of my back is still there but is better this morning. My new professional string bass adjustable and foldable stool arrived yesterday and is going to work just fine. I will be using it during the Wednesday orchestra dress rehearsal and for all future Irish Fiddling gigs. It was expensive but will allow me to continue to play as my oxygen needs increase.

Wish us luck! We are always happy to come home with close to the same amount of money we bring to a casino. After hours of fun, we consider that a win!

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