Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, May 7, 2017


The goal this weekend was to stay off of the cane and walker, to keep my knee iced and elevated and prepare for our long car trip to visit dad and a casino with mom tomorrow. It has been deadly dull. The good news is that I am more stable and confident on my feet, less pain from the muscles in my back due to putting my weight on the cane, I was able to go into the garage to do a load of wash and took the two stairs there slowly but painfree.

Today, I want to iron some clothes and take a shower. Period.

We leave before dawn tomorrow on an adventure. I am so grateful that I am well enough and physically able to enjoy the day with mom and Michael.

I walk away from this whole experience with get empathy for people who live with constant pain, those who need a walker or cane to stay mobile and a huge appreciation for our caretakers.

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