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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Acid Reflux

Yesterday, my hip muscle was really sore in the morning. I remembered the old tennis ball trick, dug it out of a basket, sat on it and rolled it around the area of the pain then the magic happened. After doing it for about an hour, the pain was gone. Gone. Did-not-return gone.

I had my hair cut and colored, eye brows waxed, filled the car with gas and enjoyed a texted conversation my niece. She asked me to tell my mom that they wish that she will be the witness to sign their marriage license. I phoned mom and she was so touched! We also made the reservation to rent a larger car for a nicer 3-hour one way trip to the wedding.

Michael and I have a meeting of the Ambulatory Patient Advisory Board at my university hospital later this afternoon. We love these meetings as we have seen our ideas come to fruition. So very satisfying. But this morning, I will be out of the house and running errands while the housekeepers are here.

Just a moment to blog about acid reflux. People with interstitial lung disease have acid reflux. It is unclear whether the ILD causes the acid reflux or the acid reflux causes the ILD. The jury is still out. I have found in personal conversations a correlation between people who have lived a long time with their ILD and an early diagnosis of acid reflux in their journey. The earlier acid reflux is addressed, it seems the longer they survive. The basic problem with acid reflux is that the fumes, microaspirations and full on "stuff" can flow into the lungs causing a flare. We don't want a flare, do we? If you have not been checked for acid reflux, please have it checked out, even if you don't think you have it. I had no symptoms yet mine was so bad that it required surgery.

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