Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Pink Bunny

The energizer bunny had nothing on me yesterday. My energy level was high! It began in the early morning when I decided to order my vitamins then some medications. That took time but the two boxes of inventory, my big bag of drugs, a large bag of Michael's low blood sugar snack and a very large sack of "stuff" got my attention. I had been meaning to clean them all out and get the area organized so it happened before 7AM! It felt fantastic!

From there, I went into my guest room and began to organize the year-end paperwork. Bills! Yes, they needed attention, too, so I wrote them out and worked on the checkbook. The bed was made before I jumped into the shower, dressed, bought lunch at the organic market on my way to the rehab class. Throughout the morning, I just reorganized everything I noticed.

I never sat down.

Off to the rehab class and Sherman and the new guy, Don. We both were able to get Don to laugh out loud several times before the class. Our goal was met!

After all of this, I still had energy after driving home to made a new recipe of baked spring rolls for my breakfasts or lunches. Michael arrived home while I was taking them out of the oven and ate two of them! Ground chicken and vegetable filled rice papers. Delicious but they took a lot of time to make. Still, I had enough energy to make dinner and clean the kitchen. By 7PM, I was fighting falling asleep in my chair.

I achieved a lot yesterday. These past two months have been so difficult with an increase of shortness of breath and needing more oxygen and having no stamina. Yesterday was the first day I felt that my health had taken a real turn for the better.

Michael spoke with William yesterday, he had been home just a day from a festival in Mexico but said he was looking forward to our visit. The most amazing store in the Pacific Northwest called Filson ( HERE ) just opened a new flag ship store in Seattle, which is on our list of things to see while we are there. I think William is making a list of all the food he wants us to try. For the past three years, he would say, "Next time you come up, I found this great place..." I hope we walk a lot!

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