Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stronger and Stronger

In pulmonary rehab yesterday, I added time on both the treadmill and bike. The elliptical was whispering to me but I resisted it for another day. Next Tuesday, I am going to saddle up and give it a try again. It is amazing how much better I feel everyday. Not feeling exhausted. Not feeling the tightness in my chest. Not making sounds when I breathe. All good.

Within the hour, I will be out the door and off to the other rehab for a workout. I want to keep working out everyday. Afterwards, mom and I will spend time together, have a cup of Russian Cabbage soup for lunch before I have her follow me to an appointment. She is meeting with the group of doctors who removed her toe years ago. She is not happy with the results and feels they should have offered other options. It has changed her gait, the toes next to the one that was removed are now very long and all the toes have moved, making her bunion painful again. I have an appointment at the other end of the county so I can only insure she gets there but she should easily be able to find her way home. I hope! Her sense of direction is horrible.

Saturday? Nothing. I want to putter around the house and rain is expected. A quiet weekend. I want to keep improving and will try not to overextend myself.

2016 seems to be flying by. When I was working, January seemed endless but now, BOOM. Suddenly, it will be February then summer. I am trying to enjoy and appreciate each day.

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