Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, January 16, 2016

British Don

A long day yesterday. British Don went through his procedure but they discovered that two of his attachments from the quadruple bypass had "healed" and were totally blocked. They had to insert two stents in other areas to open them back up again. We visited him still in recovery instead of ICU as there was no room available. The place was hopping. Talking with the nurse, they had five emergency stent or heart emergencies that morning. She was looking very tired! She also allowed us to visit but politely told us to leave after a bit. Don was drugged, enjoying our visit but fading. They kept him in overnight and he will be released sometime today.

I struggled to stay awake until 8PM last night. Michael dropped me off at mom's at 8:30 and met me there again at 1:30 to drive up to Don's hospital. Mom and I did some errands, created a car cover for the hood of her mini cooper to keep the cats from scratching the paint and had a fun, long lunch at Nordstrom. When we got home, I made a rather involved dinner, which require a rather involved cleanup. It was delicious and worth the effort but it took the final bit of energy out of me.

Today, for me, will be filled with paperwork in preparation of tax season, cleaning out the refrig and making the weekly food shopping list. Rain is expected most of the day but I hope to get out for a quick walk between rain drops.

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