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Sunday, January 24, 2016

On Tour

What a treat! Barbara had bought a Groupon for a tour and tasting at a distillery near her son and his partner's house. We met in the morning then drove the hour to Brian and Denny's beautiful home where they had a lovely and thoughtful spread of food before we wandered over for the tasting.

The operation was in a warehouse. Whiskey and bourbon. A start up. The tastings were interesting. All I will say is that they have a long way to go. One cannot hurry a good bourbon. Michael bought a hat, some bourbon brown sugar and a candle. No bottle came home with us.

There was a horrific accident on the freeway, which really slowed down our drive back to Barbara and John's house. We had left home at 9AM and arrived back to our home after 9PM. A long but very fun and interesting day! There was never a pause in the conversation. It was fantastic to get out of our Saturday routine and a reminder that we need to change it up more often.

Michael is going over the hill for an hour so I am going to get a quick workout at the gym.
Football is on the agenda as is making the shopping list for the week. A cosy Sunday.

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