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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pushing Myself

Between storms, I was able to cut the back lawn yesterday, as well as hauling a lot of debris out to the recycle bin. It felt great to move, though I still had to stop to catch my breath a bit. Maybe I am not 100% yet but it sure was great to be out in the sunshine. All the rains have helped to grow weeds! Lots of weeds! It is going to take days and days to pull the yards back together after the rains end.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than a shower after working hard. It felt marvelous. Michael came home and we went out for a cup of coffee. A pour over. Isn't that the old-fashioned drip coffee? There is a new, very organic coffee shop close to our house so we went there, watched traffic from our perch and talked. It was nice to be out in the world together.

Orchestra rehearsal went well last night. Time is running out as the concert is February 6. We in the bass section are ready and playing well. Feeling very positive about this concert.

It was probably the most I have physically done in one day in a long time. I was not exhausted, which was a good sign. After sleeping until 6:30, I need to hit the road early for a mammogram before meeting Sherman before our rehab class. The goal will be to push myself even harder today to see what I can do on all the equipment.

William's birthday was yesterday. He was on a plane to Mexico, where it was 80 degrees and sunshine! He was so looking forward to it. He is on tour working a weekend festival and will fly home Sunday. I wonder if all mothers think back to the day their children were born. It was magical and terrifying. Emergency c-section. We always say he was born under a lucky star. As he is beginning to spread into a new venture, we have absolute confidence that it, too, will be successful. He just has that special touch. Born with it on that day many years ago.

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