Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Feeling Normal!

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I worked out and didn't watch every second going by and fighting to keep going. I could have been on the treadmill forever. No coughing. No shortness of breath. I kicked it up in speed and even added a minute without realizing it. I was reading. For the first time since well before Christmas, I even added the elliptical to the routine. It felt like I use to feel while working out before the downturn of the past two plus months.

I am back.

Who was not back was Sherman. I arrived early and Dick was there! I did not expect to see him. An extra added bonus! His doctor told him to get to rehab class while going through radiation, so there he was. He went eleven minutes on the treadmill! But, we had a serious talk together before the class. I told him about my frustrations with ordering the oxygen needs for our trip and British Don's mental state after he discovered his arteries were totally blocked following his quadruple bypass only a year ago. He shared the changes he had discovered in himself since finding the lung cancer. It was a conversation we probably would not have had if others had been around. I think he felt better talking about it all.

While Dick was checking his sugar levels, I phoned Sherman. He didn't want to drive in the massive rainstorm that had hit right when he was getting ready to drive to the class. He also complained about the cold and that he didn't want to get sick. I hope to see him Thursday.

Today, I think I may walk through the high grass in the back yard to see if it is dry enough to cut. It poured yesterday so I may be a little premature. It is going to be dry and warm until the weekend, when the next storm is due.

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