Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Powerball madness! Michael's sister Anna lives near the city where the one winning ticket was sold in California. While I was at the orchestra rehearsal, they were texting. He teased her and they had fun together. We bought a ticket and hit the Powerball and one number. Not $1.5B but at least we are still winners!

Back to reality.

Michael and I spent a quiet day together. It began with a drive down the coast after a big storm blew through during the night. Signs of falling material on the road were still present, though all soil and rocks had been removed by the time we drove by. We wandered back into town for lunch then we did chores and paid bills. Nothing earth shaking! Normal life. But, as I just am coming out of downturn, it felt marvelous to be out in the world without supplemental oxygen, no pulling in my chest, no coughing, no exhaustion.

I even forgot to bring my oxygen with me to the orchestra rehearsal to wear while I pulled my huge string bass in and out of the car and rehearsal space. There was only a little coughing when I got into the car after loading it in on my way home. I was very surprised. I am really recovering. Just a week ago, I needed the oxygen and still coughed quite a bit.

We also are confirming plans to visit William in a few weeks. It will be our first time to take two days to drive the 800 miles. We realized during our last road trip that we really should not drive 13 - 14 hours in one day anymore. We are getting too old and it is too wearing on Michael. And, we really are not in any hurry. It will be a short visit. Leaving on a Sunday, arriving in Seattle on a Monday for dinner with William, leaving Thursday and arriving home on Friday. I am going to rent a portable oxygen system as we are worried about having to take a different road to avoid the quicker pass, if closed due to the weather. I can't pre-order a concentrator to meet us at a hotel if we can't get to that hotel! I am making the Seattle reservations today. It is just the hotels on the trip up and back that we are going to have to wait until the time grows closer for the weather information.

Mom has an appointment for a shot in her eye this morning, we will have a nice lunch and chat up a storm. A fun day.

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