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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Road Trip Anticipation

Dark, cold and rain with high winds are due later in the day. Love these Sundays. I was able to work in the gardens yesterday but I didn't need to cut the grass. Thank you, Michael. I spent almost three hours hand trimming and picking up all the yard waste in just the back yard. There was very little coughing and I actually felt good doing it for the first time in months. As I glanced at the all weeds and work in the front yard, I thought that I should put it on hold for another day. I didn't want to push myself too hard and take a huge step backwards. My simple goal today is to wash and iron the sheets. It takes a lot out of me but I will take it slowly. There is no other feeling in the world like climbing into a bed with clean, ironed sheets. (It all began when I was manic on 40 mugs prednisone for two months.)

Is is me or is there an unusually large number of musicians and celebrities dying since the new year? It is as if they waited to get through the holidays then BOOM! Gone. Each is such a shock.

At least a week before we take a road trip, I start putting things we are taking with us on William bed so I don't forget anything. I began with a google map of the trip and my pajamas yesterday. Next Sunday, we will load it all into our suitcases so they are ready for a fast 4AM escape the next morning. The excitement is building.

Tuesday, the Porsche is going into the dealership for an oil change.Also next week, and as important, I need to get my eyebrows waxed and remove the other hair on my face. Why, when we get older, does hair grow places it has never grown before? We will also meet with Ron next door to hand over all the keys and ask him to deal with our garbage cans, oxygen refills, the alarm for the housekeepers and the collection of the mail. His reward? A pound of delicious Cafe Vita coffee beans from Seattle. Worth all the work!!

The group William is currently touring with has been nominated for a Grammy this year. If one's name is on the album notes, they also get a Grammy. Sooooo, I am dusting off a spot on my mantel. They have been nominated almost two dozen times but this year they have a good chance. Fingers crossed.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow's first visit with the ENT regarding the fluid behind my eardrum. Years ago, I created documents to take with me to a new doctor: medications, list and dates of illnesses and surgeries, family history. Every single doctor has thanked me for those documents. They can scan them quickly and they go into my record quicker than typing it all in. I just make sure all the information is updated.

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