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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sorry for Yesterday

My only excuse for being MIA yesterday is that I turned on the computer at 6AM and it was locked. There was some program that wanted my password. I thought it was something that British Don had on the computer and I didn't have his password. I messaged him then waited.

May I just say that it was really strange to not be online in the morning. No news. No Facebook. No traffic information. No nothing plus the worry that there might be something really wrong with my computer.

I was with mom by 9AM, we had a Starbucks Chai for her and an Americano for me, ran an errand for her, paid my AT&T bill and as if right on cue, British Don contacted me. We drove to his loft in the city and he fixed the problem within minutes. He is a genius! He also gave the computer a check-up and it passed with flying colors. Mom loved his loft and his cat. He was also so interesting and can string words together as only an intelligent Brit can. I was so very grateful that he took the time and fixed it for me.

The long-range weather forecast looks fantastic for our 800-mile road trip to Seattle to visit William on Monday, February 8. He is already planning all the places he wants to take us, some cool things to see and where to eat. The food. It is fresh and as high end as any major restaurant in San Francisco but at a third of the price. Remarkable. When we were there for Michael's birthday three years ago, we had his special dinner in three different restaurants: Appetizers in one, main course in another, the dessert in a third. It will be fun and thankfully not snowing through the horrible mountain pass.

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