Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, January 11, 2016


Sherman is giving up. Word has come back to me from several sources that my rehab boy is waiting to die. His breathing is more labored, it is harder to just do activities of daily living, he is depressed and he is exhausted. I am going to see if I can postpone his downhill fall a bit.

His 91st birthday is Thursday but I won't be at the rehab class because mom has an appointment for the shot in her eye. So, I am phoning him this morning to ask if he could come to the class tomorrow, whether he works out or not. I will dangle piece of his favorite tiramisu as bait. Just come. People will rally around him, he will feel special and he will remember how great it feels to be out in the world again. I hope.

Maybe he will push himself to stay with us all a bit longer. Maybe he will be back on Thursday or the following Tuesday. 

I can't imagine my life without this sweet, marvelous man whom I meet eleven years ago. He giggles when I tell people that I have known him since he was in his 70s. A dear friend. 

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