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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Adult Field Trip

I just got an email trying to convince me to join How did I ever get their attention? Good for a Saturday morning giggle.

We are going on a field trip today with our friend Barbara but without her day care kids! We are going on an adult excursion. She and John are driving us up to have lunch with her son and his partner before we take a tour of a distillery, just up Michael's alley. It is way up in wine country and the drive up should be gorgeous, with or without rain. Michael and Barbara have not seen each other since my niece's wedding so these old friends will be together again. I can't believe they went to high school together. He really does remember her and even some clothes she used to wear. Who knew they would know and like each other as adults? I think my mom is rather jealous she is not coming with us but she knows it would be too much for her. She adores Barbara and never turns down an opportunity to spend time with her.

Mom and I did run around yesterday but just enjoyed our time together. I had to take off a bit early for my final meeting with the counselor. It has been a very helpful and interesting experience and I learned so much from her. It was time for a break but I don't believe it was a goodbye, as I think I will meet with her going through the transplant process. As she is a life coach, she is so positive and offers different approaches that fit into my personality well. And, I really like her.

I drove home, Wayne was at the house and suddenly all the evening's plans went out the window! We drove to the harbor and had dinner with him, a rare opportunity. His family was scattered for the evening so it was lovely to get caught up with their lives. Their youngest son is receiving letters from colleges and is going to have to choose where to attend. Great kid! Physic lover. He will do well wherever he goes.

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