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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Just Plain Fun

We had such a fun day together yesterday. Nothing planned except haircuts. While I was having my cut and color, Michael stayed home to keep an eye on his Barbacoa in the oven. It took him about an hour to get everything into the pot and by the time I left, the aroma was building. Marvelous.

He cut the grass for me. What a gift. It is going to rain tomorrow and would have been too wet to cut on Saturday. How sweet was that?! He also cleaned up his area on the counter, cleaned the patio then washed and waxed his car. When the Barbacoa was fully cooked after four hours, we tried a new tapas restaurant in town for lunch. Super delicious and perfect portions. Timing was great as Michael's hair appointment at the new barber shop was within minutes of us paying the bill.

It was a very manly barber shop. I always feel a bit weird being there. Fortunately, one of the young barbers and I bonded over a discussion of food. We all were laughing. Everyone was joining into the conversation, even the other customers! When Michael was done, I told them all that I was sorry I had to leave now, they all said, "No! Stay longer!" It was so much fun.

The orchestra rehearsal went really well, one more rehearsal next week then the concert on February 6th. Both Gerry and I are at the point where we are not needing to count but know the music well enough to simply play it. It just flowed. Fun.

With our first cup of coffee this morning, Michael raised his for a toast and said, "Thanks for the great day yesterday."

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