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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dream Machines

I wish I could sneak out to take a photo right now, almost 7AM this Sunday morning. Our little town has a yearly fundraiser for the Senior Center at the airport that features fancy cars and fancy airplanes. Michael had been many times and really enjoyed the interesting automobiles, of course.

At this very moment and for the next two hours, he is sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee and watching all the fancy cars drive by our housing complex on the way to the airport. (The Senior Center is one of our local charities we donate to every year. I felt very guilty about this the first time he didn't actually go to the event but still saw the cars.)

He is also being joined by two of the neighbor's. Manly talk is happening!

In previous years, friends from over the hill will spot him sitting on the side of the road, stop, have a chat then continue on. He really looks forward to this morning.

My knee looks better this morning but I still can't walk without the walker. I am not able to put my full weight on it. The plan for mom's eye doctor appointment tomorrow is to have Michael help me into my car, drive over to mom's, have her meet me in the parking area, drive her to the eye doctor, have her go to the appointment while I stay close to the bathroom, we will have lunch in their cafe then I will drop her at her apartment before I head home. I think I can do it. I just need to get down the two front stairs at our house. That is going to be the hardest challenge of the day!

Today's Formula 1 Race from Russia looks interesting. A different driver has the pole position and a chance to win his first race. With the new owners of F1 and all the new rules and regulations, it is going to be a very interesting racing season.

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