Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kindness of Others

Bored and boring! I did things around the house and did not take a nap. I was testing myself to see if I was improving, I was feeling better but after dinner, I crashed on the couch again. So, maybe I still need a few days to recover from this nasty bug.

I had a surprise phone call from a friend last evening. It was so much fun and I really appreciated her checking in because she was concerned about my health. How sweet was that? Leslie, the Irish Fiddling founder, came by to also check in to see how I was doing and if I needed her to do anything for me. Also, the orchestra conductor sent an email worried about my health. Sometimes, I feel that Michael and I are struggling through the ups and downs of this disease process together. Alone.

Yesterday was a reminder that there is physical and/or emotional support to help us when the going gets tough.

We are food shopping today. I know that sounds simple but it totally wipes me out right now. The shopping itself at three different places, packing it all into the car, driving home, hauling everything into the house then putting it all away. By that time, I am done. Thankfully, Michael takes over the entire process, which really makes a difference. Plus, we usually have a light lunch out together. It makes for a fun day.

Bottom line, I am feeling a bit better each day. I just don't want to do too much and experience a backward slide.

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