Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, April 3, 2017


It is the instant exhaustion that still worries me. I suddenly feel my eyes growing heavy and I need to sleep. Now. Other than that, I feel better. Early yesterday morning, we went to breakfast at our little airport as it is renown for its breakfast menu. I had their lite breakfast sandwich (only ate 1/2 of the bread) while Michael had fresh salmon on a plate of scrambled eggs, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, English muffin and yes, a blueberry pancake. At least he asked for sugar-free syrup. With a twinkle in his eyes, he asked if he could drive me over the pass to see William's 1966 Mustang he had painted on Thursday.

It was still early so, after breakfast, we headed north, through the tunnel, past the restaurant right on the ocean, over the mountain to a shop where he had painted it. It looked fantastic. Finally. They built it from the frame up. We then saw another friend and followed him to his shop for a nice chat. Instead of the going home over the usual pass, we took the same route back home from the North. Traffic was not too bad and we were home by 10:15! What a morning!

Michael did some work in the gardens and we watched the SF Giants opening day game. They lost. I did take a short nap after lunch and we had a very simple salad for dinner. Around 8PM, I feel asleep on the couch and really only remember struggling to get into my pjs and bed around 9PM. Michael had everything ready and even had the oxygen set up. I was out like a light.

Today, I am going to spend a shorter than usual amount of time with mom. It has been a week and she is going to have so much to tell me. She wants to check out a small store she loves for jewelry to wear to Shelley's wedding then maybe we will have a light lunch at Nordstrom. My goal is to get home, determine my exhaustion level and probably take nap before making dinner.

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