Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, April 14, 2017


I am feeling better. Fingers crossed that it stays that way all day today! I did go to the rehab class yesterday and probably talked more than I worked out. Everyone wanted to hear about Kathy and Sherman's funerals.

My experiences and relationships in the class have changed so much since Dick and Sherman died. I really miss them. They were the reason I showed up twice a week, even if I didn't feel like it, as I knew they were waiting for me. I felt a bit disjointed yesterday though I talked with everyone. It was just very sad.

I am going to load up my portable oxygen to take with me today. Mom thought she might be getting a cold so I want to wear it under a mask when we are in the car together. Hopefully, it was just allergies but I really don't want to be exposed to yet another bug. We are meeting with her financial people here in town then will have a nice lunch. I so wanted to work in the gardens but I don't think I am well enough.

On my list of things to do on the weekend is the blog about the reason you may not being given full comprehensive care for your lung disease and the possible reasons. I spoke with the head of my rehab program yesterday and she confirmed the conclusions my friend and I have been surmising.

Also, we are taking mom to our traditional Easter brunch at a beautiful restaurant in Palo Alto. She and Michael will have cocktails at noon(!) and both of them will feel like they are doing something very naughty! Michael makes her laugh and she just adores him. I will sit back and just enjoy watching them. Nice memory making.

Happy Friday!

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