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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Playing Santa

Magic happened in the rehab class. Gates and I met before our class to talk about how we were going to handle the oxygen equipment given to us by Kathy's husband. Major equipment. His only request was that it goes to people who really need it and I promised him that when it was no longer needed, it will be passed onto people who may not be able to afford it. 

There is a relatively new person in our class and I really love his wife. They are a good team as he is a stubborn Norwegian and she is the positive, encouraging, helpful, funny wife. Last week, they were asking everyone about their small potable oxygen equipment but made a face when they learned how much they cost. The reason for the sudden interest? "If we had one, we could fly to see our son in Palm Springs." Apparently, the drive is now too difficult for her husband so they haven't been down to see their son in quite a while. 

It tore at my heart.

Since Kathy's husband gave us three portable oxygen systems, two for us and one to give away, I asked Gates if it could go to this couple. He agreed and we took the wife aside yesterday. She teared up after hearing that the gorgeous POS was free to them. She said it has been difficult. 

Towards the end of class, I spoke with the wife and told her that I had to gather all the different plugs, batteries and paperwork so we planned to meet before class on Thursday to pass it off to them. She was so excited but said they weren't going to tell their family until it was in their hands. It was a dream come true. She asked my why we offered it to them and I told her that I was so touched that they just wanted to visit their son. Tears again.

How is that for a wonderful day?

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